School Holidays - dontknowwhattodo

Heiiyaa! So, school holidays are here!! but, its a nightmare for me.. what the hell is wrong with you??! school holiday is the most beautiful thing every student wanted.. Yeahh, for those who has a lovely and supportive parent. OK, now Im begging for travelling.

I want to go somewhere! siapa la yang tak suka travel. Dapat tengok dunia orang, selain dapat sesuatu dari apa yang kita tengok. but, im not going to be one of those who just travel and when I get back home, got nothing. Im also interest in filming. So, apart from the trip, I can also capture 'something'and store it as memory. please tell me that you guys understand right?? 

So, my granny just get back from Beijing and she DID bought me something from there.. a Tshirt.. I like it.. it a black, long sleeve with a Chinese words on it says Bei Jing. so, the journey was spectacular, *she said*.. of cause it is.. it China.. beautiful cultural place.. 

hey! I just uploaded my new video for this week. WATCH IT!! haha..


Dream #1 | Modeling

I'm 16 years old and I love cameras. Daydreams, posing in front of it, talking, taking photos. But what I most adore is being a model. I dont know why I love it so much. I'm always pretending that there's a camera in front of me and taking a photo of me. Doing photoshoot, making a dramatic pose. I like all those things

I woke up last night just to edit this photo. 

my height just reached the minimal height for women type model. I'm just 5"6' (idontknowhowtowriteit). and I dont really know all the other information about my body, like wrist, shoulder, waist, suit size. bla bla bla. But I gotta find out. Where did I got those details from? Click this link. It showed the ideal measurement for your body to suit on the runway stage.  

I dont know if I even eligible or not to be a teen male model. hell yeah, at least I have to be 18+ to be a very confirm male model. I'm a Muslim, so I dont like those little nudity, showing of the underwear and saw those bulge.. its like to me, eww. hahahah. But, its a model things right? I just said eww, but I admired it. (what??!) LOL. 


Whole week and my Instagram Account!!

Hoi hoi hoi!! Hello guys! sorry I miss the last post.. Im too busy not-to-doanything... bish whet? Im sorry... Well, I will tell the story from A to W la kot...

from day one for this week, I kept my self busy helping my teacher watching movies.. what do I mean? I mean 'presenting' movie using my laptop laa... Iam the only student who really has a lot of movie in hard drive. So, I used my laptop, connected to projector, then yeahh.. 

until today, I does the same oo thing.. then, I had a meeting with seniors about our school 'koperasi' project. I dont want to talk about it because 99% of the talk we were just discuss about money, math, profit, bla bla... and I just sit there, yawning for couple hundred times.. 

So thats all I do for this such a boring week.. and you know what? stayed only one week away from my school in session in 2014 to finish.. << google translate punye ayat.. BUt never mind, pada sesiapa yang tak faham, tinggal satu minggu saja lagi saya akan bersekolah untuk sesi tahun 2014. So, next year I become 16, more challenges in 'real' life.

Oh yes, see that picture with typo instagram on it?  made it myself.. yeahh. what ever, I just want you guys to know that I on INstagram too. Clikc the picture to go to my instagram account and click Follow. Ohh come on, FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!! >.< PS. I just put a stupid selfie in it.. 


I can't Live like this anymore.. I gotta change..

Being a teenage is not fun actually.. for me.. I dont know, is it about my life? just my life?? I felt abandon, being caged?.. Yeaa.. cant tell what my feeling right now.. I just want people attention.. attention that can lead me to my dream.. all just happened now is being nagged by my family.. they think I was born to be useless..

                              THEY HATE ME!

I dont know how the other parents are so dedicated to their children. love them. care about them, what they need, they will listen. I'm not saying that I want everything and people just gave me what I want. NO. What I meant, please support me, try to guide me, even talk to me. make me feel happy better every time I got upset. maybe this is not my life.. I must change it. I gotta do something that can make me more CALM and PEACE. I'm not going to suicide. that stupid..

I hope, someone reads my story understand me, respond to me.