Dream #1 | Modeling

I'm 16 years old and I love cameras. Daydreams, posing in front of it, talking, taking photos. But what I most adore is being a model. I dont know why I love it so much. I'm always pretending that there's a camera in front of me and taking a photo of me. Doing photoshoot, making a dramatic pose. I like all those things

I woke up last night just to edit this photo. 

my height just reached the minimal height for women type model. I'm just 5"6' (idontknowhowtowriteit). and I dont really know all the other information about my body, like wrist, shoulder, waist, suit size. bla bla bla. But I gotta find out. Where did I got those details from? Click this link. It showed the ideal measurement for your body to suit on the runway stage.  

I dont know if I even eligible or not to be a teen male model. hell yeah, at least I have to be 18+ to be a very confirm male model. I'm a Muslim, so I dont like those little nudity, showing of the underwear and saw those bulge.. its like to me, eww. hahahah. But, its a model things right? I just said eww, but I admired it. (what??!) LOL. 


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