New Poster that I was working on...

Hey guys, so today i got a free access to the internet and i will do some random update
about my new finished art.

starting with this one, i made this for my friend, well actually he was forced to pose it
me who force him to the pose haha. and basically we're just playing around with the blue background
and for some reason i decided to change that colour into grayish.
and make it alot more mag-cover style.
except for its not look a like the same as the cover but, the typography makes it.

second one, this is just a random model close up.
this is my granma. and shes totally looks good in her dress and i decided to capture this.
as we're planning to go to an event here in my place. she decided to wear a jubah and Neelofa scarf
and im not get the full image *darnit*
but this one still looks good.
shes old. but classy

the third one, was a nice typography handmade look-a-like poster.
well this typography meant to be selled to one of my teacher but he decided to post pone,
and i cant wait to put it outside. its just me.
its just a random quote which is was inspired by other in the internet,
but then i change it a bit. i also made a jumper from it which is not printed yet
but i can show you the pic
like this one obviously. lol

last but not least, this one is such a special poster, was made for my best friend. 
the is he is the picture.
he such a annoyed friend sorry haha
just we couldnt be seperated.
some people said that, after a 6 years of relation, it is a hard to break the bond
yes i believe that. 

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Looong Update - Self Photos and edited

its been a while since I never done an update.
so the other day I was photoshoot myself.
because why not, and I did it all alone by myself.
using tripod and self-timer on my camera and
luckily I was lend a CSC camera from my teacher and
it was pretty good.
take a look.

I have a big dream of modeling. but i dont realize that i dont have that really good looking
kind off looks and doesnt have a model type body.
i dont know, i just love taking photos of human pose and figure
esspecially close up photos.
i dont really care about how lack of thing is,
instead, i just think its who you are.
you hae to look much more beautiful as other people,
you are beautiful now.
thats what makes me feel im good with myself.