Videos I made for The Retirement event for my teacher

happy new year everyone! 
so this post im proudly to present
my first ever print out


the back cover

i mean not just the cover..
theres a CD in it and
i made two videos for an event
the retirement of my teacher here at my school
it involve, the most popular song last year
Hello by Adele and im sure there some of you may still
listening to it
and im really proud of myself.
not because im show off or what so ever
just, this is my first time and i really love doing this
esspecially theres part where i shoot all the video
using my teacher's camera
because my camera that im using right now is not supported
to record a video up to 60fps
and a 1080p resolution video
although the camera that i used to film this is just a
CSC camera, but it is like a dslr!