December 2015 LOOKBOOK

Hello mate! how ya doin?
hahaha its nice at 1:32 am, writing for a post blog. anyway,
im here to write about my first ever fashion kinda post
its my lookbook that I personaly like my new clothing,

so this aint going to be the monthly post, 
because, i dont own many clothing and didnt buy too often like you guys do?
idk, sponser me some clothing guys!

so, the other day, i went shopping at Queensbay in Penang
with my grandma and my aunt,
we bought some clothing for our self, and of cause my self!
without furtherado, lets take a look!

this is my first tshirt, with a stripes on it
i really like it because i didnt own any style like it in my closet
and it just cost about RM39

i just match it with my general jeans,
which is i usually wore it whenever i head up to town.

the stripes come with a very unique pattern.
and you feel it by touching it. 
the honeycomb kindoff texture.

this is my second tshirt, still a tshirt and most of them are tshirt. lol
so this kinda style also i dont have in my closet,
i just love trying new style, that actually going to suite me!
but, this one is the one i think?
because i have a dark skin, so it match to the dark purple colour-ish

thi also got like a bold stripe on it but feels kinda like
plastic and i really like how unique it is.

see? and under the bold stripe also came with nylon
like material, which is also unique and looking original!

so, this i the last outfit.
the shirt is kinda a bit over size to me. srsly really over size.
but i didnt say that i wasnt going to wear it.
today is 2015 and only several days more to 2016,
who cares about over size or what, its fashun honey. haha

i want a long sleeve shirt, which is i didnt try in the fitting room. ugh.
so i cant see if it fits me well or not.
damn hurry hour. haha
but thats ok, i will try do somehing with probably try a different style?

well, that just conclude my first ever lookbook guys!
let me know in the comment if did well haha
and if you guys wondering, where those cloth were from,
those all were from SEED which is i never heard the brand ever before
i try to check online, but, found the Seed Heritage
im not sure if its the company but i didnt sure. i dont know.

oh yea, those images are just purely i shot my self using my low quality brige camera
so sorry if those image were not look like the other succeed fashion beans on the internet
using self timer and stuff.
i really love fashion i think, so let me know in the comment if you want to see more post like this.
sure i can ask my grandma to buy some more cloth for me

I Fall In Love With Modeling?

Yes! Seriously! I fall in love with modeling. maybe this is just some joke for you
but that's what im thinking in the future.
there are many things i want todo in the future
especially in artistic family?
i want todo film making, designs, and photography.
but photography now seems too mainstream to me these days.
as a person to be likely different than everyone else, 
i would rather choose something that people never done
to do with.
and dont get me wrong, photography is still my favorite
photography is one of my first ever thing that i know in art.

and talking about photography, i really want to get to detail a bit,
i like portraits, so maybe, i love doing modeling?

sorry, my nudes leak hahaha.
not just nudes, i mean i see it as an art?
but typically these image are really
disgusting? right?
but say no. lol

Im thinking about applying it now, but i dont know my height or my BMI
are good for modeling
my height is 178cm
and weight about 48kg?
and it is really hard for me to gain weight
because i have this, really fast metabolisme body
but my computer is not!

but anyway, im happy with what i got, i got dreams to persue!
so, now im not just a kid who after school, regret everything
because didnt do anything and suffer, what a waste of life.
thats not even a proper sentence.

see my latest album selfie arts, here

Whisper Challenge and two favorites recent designs

I made a youtube video, go and check it out.
ouh ya and also i want to show two
recent art that are my favorite!

so, the first one is. my! I really just finished this o my god.
I made it for my mum. I really love the look of handwitten themed
and the colour. for the colour, i found really hard to match the fore and the background
i use my technique called 'try and error' for it. lol.

and this is my 2 weeks ago art.  which is the same kinda look like the first one
this one i made while i was listening to 'Hello' by Adele.
if you'd notice, theres a picture behind the pattern
it is me. from my last post about photographing myself