I Fall In Love With Modeling?

Yes! Seriously! I fall in love with modeling. maybe this is just some joke for you
but that's what im thinking in the future.
there are many things i want todo in the future
especially in artistic family?
i want todo film making, designs, and photography.
but photography now seems too mainstream to me these days.
as a person to be likely different than everyone else, 
i would rather choose something that people never done
to do with.
and dont get me wrong, photography is still my favorite
photography is one of my first ever thing that i know in art.

and talking about photography, i really want to get to detail a bit,
i like portraits, so maybe, i love doing modeling?

sorry, my nudes leak hahaha.
not just nudes, i mean i see it as an art?
but typically these image are really
disgusting? right?
but say no. lol

Im thinking about applying it now, but i dont know my height or my BMI
are good for modeling
my height is 178cm
and weight about 48kg?
and it is really hard for me to gain weight
because i have this, really fast metabolisme body
but my computer is not!

but anyway, im happy with what i got, i got dreams to persue!
so, now im not just a kid who after school, regret everything
because didnt do anything and suffer, what a waste of life.
thats not even a proper sentence.

see my latest album selfie arts, here

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