Deco Updates!

Helloo! how ya doin guys! So, today Im feeling a little more happy, then before.. bored as usual at school, classes.. PBS.. Blurfhhh.. but anyway, nothing more better then get back home earlier today. Take a nap, bath, eating, watch videos.. then, I got an idea on how to make my wall look a little more attractive. the most obvious thing at my wall is just THE CLOCK! I used to look at it and imagine how fast time run. *pffft* so, I have this net-like-ribbon thing, and... do something with it and tadaaaaa-aa.a.a.a.a... creative? hold your applause.. thank you.. 

Some inspired-from pinterest deco art..





So, there you go! a little art from a nerd person. So, if you guys got inspired from me, please....... do what you want... with my bodyy! .. no im just kidding.. OK, I start to mumbling... OK so there you go again, daaa-daa-da.. hrrr-grr-hrr... Happy Halloween, and have a nice day, blehh-blehh-blehh...

Love ya! x

Am I exist?

Waw, look at the title of this article. boring, boring, boring, boring.. aku taktau la macam mana dengan orang yang tak boring. I mean, what are they doing? and HOW? Im always, stress, hungry, tired, bored.. maybe that just are teenage things..

stress about my laptop screen... White turn pink, problem with ribbons cables inside my laptop screen monitor.. get it fix laa... ye, memang la senang cakap, But Im not like THE OTHER GUY who has a happy family, caring family. For me, myself, I dont even have a money to pay sandwiches.. over? never mind.. Just imagine that your whole family (threat/treat) you like you doesnt even exist.. thats me..

even, am I exist??

Starting English and NEW designed art

Hello to everybody B-U-tyful, Handsome people who read this blog thank you so much God bless your soul.. and Im not regret because Im not writing for long period 'cause no one cares about this blog (Laugh Out Loud, even Im not laughing) .. But anyway, start from today, I'll write every single word in blog in ENGLISH!! well, Im not really good in English well you guys got to guide me in the right path.. bleh blehh blehhh.. moving on!

finally!! NEW designed art!! well it birthday card for my favourite teacher.. I dont know how to describe him, creative, talented? yeahh I think so... He just inspire me to be a good singer.. thumb up?? ;)

Stand Alone card.. with no names on it..

Final touch..  with name on it...

So that thats! all for now.. thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy my last video.. SUBSCRIBE to me, like my video, keep supporting me and bye guys!!


NEW video on youtube!! this time I want to be more creative and freak. so yeahh.. hope you enjoy!!

End of PT3 and NEW Interior Room Design

Hello Beautiful and handsome people. how ya doin? hehehe.. Sorry sangat dah lama tak post new things. ni la dia! New things tersebut!
first of all Im free from PT3, but ada lagi ujian yang perlu dijalankan iaitu PBS. eiiii, tapi tak sehebat PT3 la.. and still dapat result macam PT3.

Second update is about my room!! I got a new idea for my interior furniture stuff, so today is the day..
This is weher the magic happen.. Which is I slept
Side bed

My left is my my work station which it easy for me to access anything

View from my workstation

meet Fan and Printer..

View from my bed.. 

So, that its the update for now. Thank for coming into my bedroom, I hope you get inspire from me and see you guys soon with more update.. #sosl Bye! Oh One more, did I tell you yet that I didnt go to school today? I felt sick this morning, had a flu, so this evening I felt more energy, I decided to do what make me happy.. Dont forget to like m facebook page! Link at the tab above. Byee!


Hello there every beautiful and handsome people who reading this update!!
Woah, I just passed so many many many post la ek? well, sorry guys..

Honestly, I just keeping myself busy.. By that mean.. I'm having the biggest exam in Malaysia!!! PMR Examination or probably called PT3.. and today is my first day. Had blessed day, answering 2 paper/subject. Alhamdulillah, Allah help me in every question.

And, I'm also excited to tell you you guys, (yes I just type 'you' two times) that Story of Syahmi Life have a new logo!!! yeaahhh!! Allah, gave me this idea when I was srfing the facebook and found the exact theme or style for my SOSL blog.. Yes! got a new short name for it too.. #SOSL !!!

being Succeed by Syahmi

Raya haji dan susuli dengan big examination called PT3..

eii, I felt nak give up pun ade bila tiba-tiba harini aku fikir yang aku akan nak gagal dalam pt3. bukan gagal pun, tapi got a bad result? dah aku ada dream, nk smartphone la, or dslr or a knife?

aku usaha nak dapat yang terbaik, well done syahmi.. takat mana ja? usaha aku belum cukup memadai. takat nak dapat Math tu bagi lulus nak capai gred B- pun payah.. ni kan A. think about it again, if someone else can succeed, kenapa aku tak boleh? well, honestly aku cakap, aku susah nak usaha. bila aku tak suka. damn, who like study? learning some rubbish formula at the end, langsung tak guna dalam kehidupan. aku sedar yang selama ni, pupils are just study sebab nak exam. thats all.. kau you dapat master, dalam exam you dapat yang tarbaik, you got a great job and there you go. tapi, kepada sesiapa yang tak dapat skor dalam exam, pfff please.. then, you'll never get a real good ass job.. I dont really like it.. threaten like a stupid idiot person..

apa yang jadi dengan orang yang ade kemahiran lain ni? what I want to say is, maybe Im not good in Math, or BI or BM or what ever the hell subject is, I still have something that I really can use it to succeed in my future!! like, photography. there are many professional photographer outside there who got monthly income near a thousand billion dollar god bless your soul! but, in photography, there no need some special formula in Math that really going to be use in camera.. all you need is just knowledge about how to use the CAMERA.. something like 'specialities' (idk what it is) inside you to create an amazing photos.

conclusion for my story today, idk If I am right, but yeaa.. this is just my feeling /slash/ thought about being succeed using our own specialities (again I use the abnormal word).. thanks for spending your glory time to read my stupid'ish feeling.. bye x 

Am I Stupid?

Well, this post is about how I felt among those smart ass people who really think that I am a stupid. Iri hati? jealousy? maybe yes. being 'disintegrated'.. can I use that word?

betul lah, perasaan tu yang mula membuak dalam diri aku sekarang. Im not going to tell anyone that I have those feeling. dan pabila aku macam tu, aku mula la rasa bodoh. but I can handle it..

Just think about something special about your self. even it just a small thing. for example, I can design stuff.. without anyone helps, I can create something using the Photoshop. Yeah, that a big thing. but, anything more smaller like, I can litearally talk in English, but I cant write the whole bunch of correct grammar correctly. LOL.. Its true..

So, instead of feeling stupid, bad, or disintegrated, (lol), dont you ever compare your self to anyone else who is really good or better than you. and its rainy day.