Deco Updates!

Helloo! how ya doin guys! So, today Im feeling a little more happy, then before.. bored as usual at school, classes.. PBS.. Blurfhhh.. but anyway, nothing more better then get back home earlier today. Take a nap, bath, eating, watch videos.. then, I got an idea on how to make my wall look a little more attractive. the most obvious thing at my wall is just THE CLOCK! I used to look at it and imagine how fast time run. *pffft* so, I have this net-like-ribbon thing, and... do something with it and tadaaaaa-aa.a.a.a.a... creative? hold your applause.. thank you.. 

Some inspired-from pinterest deco art..





So, there you go! a little art from a nerd person. So, if you guys got inspired from me, please....... do what you want... with my bodyy! .. no im just kidding.. OK, I start to mumbling... OK so there you go again, daaa-daa-da.. hrrr-grr-hrr... Happy Halloween, and have a nice day, blehh-blehh-blehh...

Love ya! x

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