I can't Live like this anymore.. I gotta change..

Being a teenage is not fun actually.. for me.. I dont know, is it about my life? just my life?? I felt abandon, being caged?.. Yeaa.. cant tell what my feeling right now.. I just want people attention.. attention that can lead me to my dream.. all just happened now is being nagged by my family.. they think I was born to be useless..

                              THEY HATE ME!

I dont know how the other parents are so dedicated to their children. love them. care about them, what they need, they will listen. I'm not saying that I want everything and people just gave me what I want. NO. What I meant, please support me, try to guide me, even talk to me. make me feel happy better every time I got upset. maybe this is not my life.. I must change it. I gotta do something that can make me more CALM and PEACE. I'm not going to suicide. that stupid..

I hope, someone reads my story understand me, respond to me.


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