Whole week and my Instagram Account!!

Hoi hoi hoi!! Hello guys! sorry I miss the last post.. Im too busy not-to-doanything... bish whet? Im sorry... Well, I will tell the story from A to W la kot...

from day one for this week, I kept my self busy helping my teacher watching movies.. what do I mean? I mean 'presenting' movie using my laptop laa... Iam the only student who really has a lot of movie in hard drive. So, I used my laptop, connected to projector, then yeahh.. 

until today, I does the same oo thing.. then, I had a meeting with seniors about our school 'koperasi' project. I dont want to talk about it because 99% of the talk we were just discuss about money, math, profit, bla bla... and I just sit there, yawning for couple hundred times.. 

So thats all I do for this such a boring week.. and you know what? stayed only one week away from my school in session in 2014 to finish.. << google translate punye ayat.. BUt never mind, pada sesiapa yang tak faham, tinggal satu minggu saja lagi saya akan bersekolah untuk sesi tahun 2014. So, next year I become 16, more challenges in 'real' life.

Oh yes, see that picture with typo instagram on it?  made it myself.. yeahh. what ever, I just want you guys to know that I on INstagram too. Clikc the picture to go to my instagram account and click Follow. Ohh come on, FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!! >.< PS. I just put a stupid selfie in it.. 


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