End of PT3 and NEW Interior Room Design

Hello Beautiful and handsome people. how ya doin? hehehe.. Sorry sangat dah lama tak post new things. ni la dia! New things tersebut!
first of all Im free from PT3, but ada lagi ujian yang perlu dijalankan iaitu PBS. eiiii, tapi tak sehebat PT3 la.. and still dapat result macam PT3.

Second update is about my room!! I got a new idea for my interior furniture stuff, so today is the day..
This is weher the magic happen.. Which is I slept
Side bed

My left is my my work station which it easy for me to access anything

View from my workstation

meet Fan and Printer..

View from my bed.. 

So, that its the update for now. Thank for coming into my bedroom, I hope you get inspire from me and see you guys soon with more update.. #sosl Bye! Oh One more, did I tell you yet that I didnt go to school today? I felt sick this morning, had a flu, so this evening I felt more energy, I decided to do what make me happy.. Dont forget to like m facebook page! Link at the tab above. Byee!

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