Am I Stupid?

Well, this post is about how I felt among those smart ass people who really think that I am a stupid. Iri hati? jealousy? maybe yes. being 'disintegrated'.. can I use that word?

betul lah, perasaan tu yang mula membuak dalam diri aku sekarang. Im not going to tell anyone that I have those feeling. dan pabila aku macam tu, aku mula la rasa bodoh. but I can handle it..

Just think about something special about your self. even it just a small thing. for example, I can design stuff.. without anyone helps, I can create something using the Photoshop. Yeah, that a big thing. but, anything more smaller like, I can litearally talk in English, but I cant write the whole bunch of correct grammar correctly. LOL.. Its true..

So, instead of feeling stupid, bad, or disintegrated, (lol), dont you ever compare your self to anyone else who is really good or better than you. and its rainy day. 

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