Starting English and NEW designed art

Hello to everybody B-U-tyful, Handsome people who read this blog thank you so much God bless your soul.. and Im not regret because Im not writing for long period 'cause no one cares about this blog (Laugh Out Loud, even Im not laughing) .. But anyway, start from today, I'll write every single word in blog in ENGLISH!! well, Im not really good in English well you guys got to guide me in the right path.. bleh blehh blehhh.. moving on!

finally!! NEW designed art!! well it birthday card for my favourite teacher.. I dont know how to describe him, creative, talented? yeahh I think so... He just inspire me to be a good singer.. thumb up?? ;)

Stand Alone card.. with no names on it..

Final touch..  with name on it...

So that thats! all for now.. thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy my last video.. SUBSCRIBE to me, like my video, keep supporting me and bye guys!!

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