School Holidays - dontknowwhattodo

Heiiyaa! So, school holidays are here!! but, its a nightmare for me.. what the hell is wrong with you??! school holiday is the most beautiful thing every student wanted.. Yeahh, for those who has a lovely and supportive parent. OK, now Im begging for travelling.

I want to go somewhere! siapa la yang tak suka travel. Dapat tengok dunia orang, selain dapat sesuatu dari apa yang kita tengok. but, im not going to be one of those who just travel and when I get back home, got nothing. Im also interest in filming. So, apart from the trip, I can also capture 'something'and store it as memory. please tell me that you guys understand right?? 

So, my granny just get back from Beijing and she DID bought me something from there.. a Tshirt.. I like it.. it a black, long sleeve with a Chinese words on it says Bei Jing. so, the journey was spectacular, *she said*.. of cause it is.. it China.. beautiful cultural place.. 

hey! I just uploaded my new video for this week. WATCH IT!! haha..


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