NEW pet and InComing Result

So, I left you guys with a tans of video in the youtube channel. Not a tan but that enough.
Hello every one!! How yourself? Good? Well my fish is good... I mean, my new pet! Yay!! I’ll talk about it later.

I’m sorry guys I miss lot of post. I just, don’t know what to write in here. It so lonely. Many things happen to me this several week, one of them that I remember, I got a new pet! Yay! It’s a guppy. How I got it? It’s a long story. But I’ll shorten it. OK once upon an evening, my cousin just bought his pets. Yes I use S because there two guppy in his small tank. Bla blab la, I take care of them lots than he does, so I decided to take one of them. So that’s mean, we both got a new pet. So, I put it in a fish bowl that… you know the rounded glass tank and I really adore it so freakin much! I decorate the interior. (That’s a good sentence to use interior huh?) So yeah, give it food, water… of cause fish need water you idiot! So, the end.

Well that a thing.

So, for the next event, on 22nd December, I’ll get my result. I just don’t know what I feel right now because you know if you fail, then your whole family will be angry at you, even curse you, kill you but I think I just over thinking about it. I hope I think I can get an A level for any subject. I just want a smartphone for life sake!!

So, that’s all for this week update blog, I hope you guys can support me in this new blogging internet thingy, and be a popular person on the internet. I’ll see you guys soon! Bye!

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