yes this is my new Iphone.. lol

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Am I still alive? wow that a brutal question title. lol
So, hey internet? whats up? being good this new year? haha
Yes, I'm still alive and I thankfull to Allah. and of cause. SCHOOL.
I dont know what is playingin your mind right now, but me, Im just thinking
aabout my future. WHAT AM I GOING TO BE?
and of cause I dont want to be a buglar, I have my own dream you idiot.
but, I have this feeling of unwanted to ... being a student.

Im not saying that I hate school or I hate learning. But, instead of obsessing on the core subjects, 
I more prefer to study what am I interested to ... which is I can ask for KV, but I cant.
Im ineligible. (isthatagoodword?) because I got D for math in last PT3.

But, anyway, that doesnt going to kill my 'spirit' to chasing my dream as a freelance designer or
a photographer. I hope you guys could understand what an artist feel about their
career. ahh, so dramatic.. but, anyway, happy continuing your school for those who
still studying like me. me-ow..
bye internet!