My Wedding Photography Session

Hey guys, its me.
So, as the title, im not married, but I photographed a wedding
and that is my first time.
basically, its my friend's sister wedding, and she asked me to do the photography
3 sessions, including the 'Nikah' ceremony.

I used my bridge camera that I was worried about the quality
see, its a bridge camera, and my camera has a small cencor
which is, idk how to explain it detail
but what I know is just, the photo might get a much noiser
if it used in dark with high ISO.

its hard for me because, I really put the detail to main priority
and I fimed closeup. so that's why I really love high quality
who doesn't
so here are the edited p

These are not the photoshoot, but I think I worked as event photographer
on that day.
I filmed everything that happened on that day, but in a creative way??
I got paid for MYR 170. for whole thing.
Its obviously cheap, but im not an amateur,
nor professional,
im just a beginner.
even , they paid me that amount for a reason.

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